The cuckoo clock

A young woman awakens on a fateful morning. A crucial meeting is due to take place at the advertising agency where she works. She cannot miss it. Unfortunately she finds herself locked in her twelfth floor apartment in a newly built building. She did ask her husband to lock the door but now she can’t find her key.

A puppet show

Nicole is running a travelling puppet show She keeps all her equipment in an old van. When the van breaks down on an isolated road, she seeks the assistance of an eccentric garagist. Rafael knows this is a simple problem but prefers to complicate matters, encouraging Nicole to spend the night at his remote spot.

Line up

Yossef Berger comes to the police station complaining that his car was towed from a legal parking parking space. A policeman asks him a small favor: They’re missing one man for a line-up. Berger agrees, but he’s in a hurry to get to work. A prominent foreign investor is coming to his brokerage house this morning. During the line-up two witnesses identify Berger as the perpetrator of a murder. Berger discovers that the victim is the foreign investor who arrived earlier than scheduled without informing anyone. Worse than this, Berger had apparently very good reasons to want him dead.

David's lucky day

David works as an usher. His work is to come into houses of people who could not pay their debts and take their belongings. One day he discovers in 2 different places 2 parts , the head and the body of a very rare and expensive statue. He just needs few hundred bucks to buy it from the man who owns the head. The man who owns the other part is wiling to give it to him free because it brought him bad luck. David goes to a Casino boat. He’s got only 10 dollars in his pocket, but he does not worry. Nothing can stop him. It is his lucky day.

Certain death

Sander needs an urgent operation to replace his liver, but he does not have the 70,000 dollars necessary for the operation. Tom, a regular customer in Sander’s unsucssessfull nightclub has just found out that he is very ill and has decided to sell his apartment for 70,000 dollars wishing to end his life as short and as good as he can. Sander realizes that this may be his chance.

The babysitter

Kitty is a young girl looking for a job. She notices an ad in some grossery shop, someone is looking for a babysitter. She goes to the interview. “I have to tell you that my little girl is lovely but for one thing”, says the mother, “she is a pyromaniac . She needs to lit fire to everything she sees” . Kitty is eager to get the job. Not only does she promise the mother that she does not smoke, but she is also tearing the ad out, so that no one will stand in her way.

You love money, don't you?

A wealthy, portly guest checks into a luxury hotel and displays keen interest in a young waitress. He offers her a proposal she can’t refuse: A meeting in the lobby for 1500$. She will just have to dress and look completely different.

The housekeeper

Claire is waiting for the housekeeper, but surprisingly she does not come. Some young man comes instead and tells her that Debby is ill and that he has come to replace her. He shows Claire a letter and seems to know everything about the house so that Claire does not have any reason to suspect that something is wrong

The replacement

Alex, an infamously unfaithful dentist, is told by his wife, a sculptress, that she has terminal cancer and only few months to live. Odly enough Rivi is hardly upset by her impending death but seems obsessed by the guilt of leaving Alex alone. Before long, Rivi presents her husband with a beautiful young model. A bizzare romance flames, with Rivi acting the part of the matchmaker. Suddenly Rivi regrets her action, wondering whether the new-found lovers will continue to bow to her whims.

The earring

Ossi, a stunning model, wakes one morning to discover that her ear has grown to abnormal proportions. She sees her doctor who sends her to specialists who ultimately confirm the fact that her ear is indeed growing. Frustrated by the professionals’ inability to help, she follows a crazy hunch of her own. She tracks down the old lady who tried to sell her earrings the day before. Ossi learns the hard way that there is more to aesthetics than modern medicine dares to explore.

The accident

Roni comes to a party with his new girlfriend Debby and with his new Opel Corvet his brother has left him. A young and pretty girl approaches and asks him to take her for a short ride in his car. Unwillingly, Debby agrees to this arrangement. The short ride turns out to be a long and surprising one.


Claire is the editor of an etiquette column of a major daily newspaper, but in her own married life she is a crude beast. One night, together with her husband they steal flowers from a cemetery, not wishing to arrive empty-handed at the home of a colleague. It emerges that one has to be much more cautious in dealing with the dead.

Blind date

Benny and Annette meet on a blind date in the romantic atmosphere of a nice café. Annette finds Benny so charming that she invites him to come over. However when Benny stands up to leave with her, she discovers that the man who has just promised her an unforgettable evening, has a severe physical problem. How can she get out of this unpleasant situation?