Film director and musician


Michael Behagen is a film director, writer, musician and high-tech entrepreneur.
He divides his time between filmmaking, book writing, music and high-tech. Behagen lives alternately inTel Aviv and Strasbourg.

Michael Behagen on the set of “Shapira’s Song” 1980, for which he won “Best Director” 1981 in the Short Israeli Film Competition

SINCE 1980

"I’m a Director with experience across multiple genres from documentaries, to corporate films, music videos, narrative fiction and commercials."

My Projects

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The Plumber

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Forever Young

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Late Night Stories

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The Letter

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The Survivor

Riding on camelback

Riding on camel back

Jewish Goodnight

Original Music (1) (2)

The Forest

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The Good Polish Woman

The Arava accident​

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Stories from the wood​

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Love you leaves you

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Al Ta'azvi Et Tel Aviv

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She will take you

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hayamim shelanu

Late Night Music

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Mandel and Gorenstein Detectives

Have you said shehejeianu?

Have you said shehejeianu?​

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Lullaby (Roman. Hebrew)